House Suggested To Live In

Deciding on the location of a house to live in is not something easy, there are important things to consider. When imagining a place to live, we usually want a place that is safe and comfortable. Not only that, of course we want the distance between where we live and where we work is not far away.

In finding the right home location, there are some tips to help you.

Main road conditions

The main road is an important access point to your home. If the conditions are not good (lots of potholes), or difficult to reach (for example because of the narrow road width for vehicles), you should consider another location for your residence.

Condition of water, electricity and telephone services

Actually this is a complete requirement of your home. However, the location you choose may affect the access and smooth running of your household utilities.

Environmental Hygiene

Cleanliness is the basis of health. If the environment where you live is dirty, then your health and that of your family is threatened. Moreover, you will spend more time in this environment. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, including the distance from the house to a temporary garbage disposal site or a drain that always gets clogged.


If you live in a high level of air pollution, then your health will be threatened. the location of the house that is close to the main road or road, the possibility of being affected by pollution is greater. In addition, noise pollution can also disrupt the peace of your life at home.


Locations with more greenery are certainly more attractive. Greenery will give the impression of relaxation for the eyes. With more greenery, usually the air quality will also be better.

Free flood

Flood free is one of the most important criteria in determining the location of the house. Household routines can be very disturbed if your residence is flooded. Transportation becomes difficult and your valuables can be damaged by being submerged in water. Therefore, choose a location where you live that is not prone to flooding.

Ease of transportation

Although a house on a highway or near a highway may have more potential to be polluted, this also means that the distance between your house and the center of transportation is also closer. A residence near a station, for example, can provide convenience for transportation if your motorized vehicle has problems, or your street is flooded.


Strategic is something subjective. You can determine for yourself whether your place of residence is easily accessible to other people, or is it close to a place that you frequently visit. A strategic location means you can carry out your activities efficiently and your time is not often wasted on trips.

Supporting facilities

Supporting facilities can be in the form of hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers, sports centers, post offices, or other facilities that will make your residence an independent city.