5 Essential Home Design Ideas for Aging in Place

Many people want to continue to enjoy their own home as they get older. This is a time when empty nesters can repurpose kids’ rooms and retrofit them for hobbies, guests, and grandkids. Accessibility, mobility, and comfort are all top priorities, though renovations that account for these might not all fit within your budget or the layout limitations of your home. To make the most of independent living, interior design experts suggest focusing on five key aspects to create your forever home.

Anthony Masterson

1. Rethink Stairs

A single-floor home might not sound stately, but it is a wise choice for families planning to age in place. If you’re purchasing a home, consider a ranch-style house that doesn’t have exterior stairs from the sidewalk or driveway.

If you have a multi-level home, you’ll need to address stairs. Install a chair lift or consider an elevator. With new technology, installing an

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Build A Tiny House

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Sustainable developments are an essential part of the worth we deliver to our clients. You shall not share any customizations you will have made to the Licensed Product with any third occasion or use these customizations for any commercial goal, nor shall you permit any third party to disassemble or reverse engineer your house after it’s constructed.

Washington County Home Plans

The Dwelling Improvement Program (HIP) is a federally funded program, which supplies technical recommendation and financial assistance to qualified householders for a variety of residence repairs. At Wright Houses, we satisfaction ourselves on providing an enjoyable design and development process, leading edge design, houses constructed at a price where high quality isn’t compromised and being a company that you can belief. You possibly can’t change the planet on your own, but you’ll be able to take steps to scale back your environmental footprint, limit waste, and create a sustainable … Read more

How To Decorate With Fruit At Home

According to Tru-Cape, fruit décor is on the rise due to a harkening back to pastoral times. “We’re seeing plants and fruit taking center stage in interiors, clothing, art, and décor styling. We see it as a growing appreciation of the simple things and nature’s goodness,” furniture designer Haldane Martin shared. “Using a bowl full of inviting fruit or simply seasonal vegetation scattered organically … emphasizes a welcoming feeling of homeliness and communion. It’s also a more eco-conscious way of living as the family consumes the fruit rather than disposes of dead flower arrangements. “

Apple and pear fruit bowls are popular because both could be left out to ripen properly. For those who favor the fall months, apples provide a crisp-smelling aroma that’s perfect for the season. Check out home and candle shops to find fruit scented room sprays and fruit scented reed diffusers. Or you can go

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Eight Home Design Features for Pets

By Bob Walsmith Jr.
2022 President
Santa Barbara Association of Realtors

For most of us, our pets are family. We let them sleep in our beds, ladle nutritional supplements on their organic kibble, and throw birthday parties for them. In fact, we love our animal companions so much that we even choose a home and a home design for pets.

These numbers tell the story. Forty-three percent of pet owners say they’d move to accommodate their pet, according to a 2021 study from the National Association of Realtors. What’s more, 68% of pet owners surveyed by Realtor.com say they’d pass on an otherwise perfect home that didn’t meet their pet’s needs.

Here are some pet-friendly features that will make a home more welcoming for animals.

#1 A Pet Bathing Station

Washing a dog in a normal bathtub can be miserable. Even if your pup is groomed regularly, you still need

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10 Popular Interior Design Styles to Know When Furnishing Your Home | Architectural Digest

When you think of Bauhaus-style furniture, the first things that probably come to mind are sundry armchairs made of tubular steel and black leather. And indeed, the Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer (both available today through Knoll International) are the most famous designs from the Bauhaus era and great additions to have today.

However, for a modern Bauhaus, don’t feel restricted to a neutral color palette of just black, white, and gray, but consider incorporating primary colors too. Even patterns are allowed when decorating, if they are composed of simple, geometric shapes. For Bauhaus followers, the form always follows function, so unnecessary flourishes should be avoided. A great advantage of this straightforward, simple design is its timeless appeal. Even after a century, it can still look fresh and online.

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The minimalist styles asks decorators to consider consumption

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