5 Budget Home Design Influencers We Love On TikTok

Yes, we all want the HGTV house. No, we don’t all have the HGTV budget. Here’s a look at some affordable inspiration from Tik-Tok.

“Stop scrolling!” No, seriously. Millions of Americans are new to home ownership, and looking for affordable ways to create designer digs on a budget. Enter some of the most creative home decor and DIY influencers on TikTok, whose ideas and homes we LOVE. We promise once you spend a few minutes scrolling their feed, you’ll not only be inspired, you’ll have ideas for how you can DIY on a budget that you can stick with.

Boujee on a Budget

With a focus on minimizing shopping, @peachyymaddi spotlights overlooked stores that may have just what you need, at a better price. This influencer takes us through the aisles in Dollar Tree, Walmart and many more, and shows how the small items can make the biggest difference for the smallest price. Through her “Boujee on a Budget” account, Maddi Rogenski has accumulated over 275.9K followers and over 5.4M likes on TikTok. Her most liked video is a Dollar Tree haul that showcases small ways to make your house or apartment homier for less. For example, did you know Dollar Tree carries Betty Crocker utensils, and cleaning supplies that are half the price? Tune in to see how to make your place your own.

Renter-Friendly DIY

Stefanie Bloom, the self-labeled “Lazy DIY Mom,” creates TikToks for those who want to maximize their budget while creating their dream place. @beingtheblooms has 1.7M followers and over 14.7M likes thanks to her transparency about the efficiency of “renter-friendly” products that she tries in her own home. Her most used products are peel-and-stick wallpaper which can be used on cabinets and any other flat surface. She also uses peel-and-stick tiles for bathroom floors. All of these are renter-friendly because they are removable and don’t leave any residue which helps renters keep their landlord happy. (The peel-and-stick demonstrations are her most-watched videos.) She also hacks for everyday life for families, showing how to utilize small spaces.


An influencer who isn’t afraid of a pop of color, Annika, also known as @blondesigns, creates countless budget-friendly DIYs, ideal for people who aren’t afraid of elbow grease. (But don’t worry, they’re all doable.) Annika has over 1.5M followers and 17.9M likes for her colorful, efficient DIYs that show personality and function. One of Annika’s most liked videos is her DIY for Dollar Tree’s napkin holders that she turned into a wall shelf for records. Annika even shows how to keep your cat’s litter box hidden and in style with the rest of your home. (And racked up almost 1M likes for that TikTok). from blooming tables to mushroom ottomans and more, Annika shows there is nothing she can’t DIY.

Liz Lovery

@lizlovery‘s TikTok account includes all things home decor and style, renovation and interior design. Liz has 926.2k followers and over 15.8M likes, and her tips are the reason people are so dedicated. This home design content creator is renovating her own fixer-upper and is taking her followers along for the ride. This includes her constructing her own range hood, library wall and bookshelves, as well as staining hardwoods. She not only offers construction DIYs, she also shows her followers how to make your bed as an interior designer would. From painting her cabinets, having an accent wall and showing how to build almost anything in your house, Liz’s account is definitely something to keep an eye on!

Emily Shaw

Taking her followers on her journey of renovating her new house to fit her style, @emilyrayna shares her many DIY hacks as well as cool interior design ideas that you can do yourself. Her DIY videos range from making your own throw pillows under budget, redesigning thrift items from her favorite thrift store and going to Dollar Tree for supplies to make things like coasters and frames. Emily has 5.4M followers and 88.3M likes, and she also does designs just for her followers. Plus, if you’re looking for moving and cleaning hacks, and even gift ideas under budget, she has those, too. We love following along to her renovation project while we’re working on ours (or even pretending for a moment that her house is ours!)


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