Does a clean house make you happier? The definitive answer

If you’ve ever wondered if a clean house would make you happier, you are not alone. The idea that our home is powerfully symbolic and far more than just a shelter from the outside world – but a reflection of our true identity – was first proposed by Swiss theorist and psychiatrist Carl Jung. How we construct this space is, therefore, imperative to how to not only how we function, but also to our health and mental wellbeing.

Are people happier with a clean house?

‘A clean house may not necessarily make you happier but it can contribute to feelings of happiness, accomplishment and calmness, says Abbas Kanani, Pharmacist and Health adviser for Chemist Click (opens in new tab). ‘Many studies have found that having a clean and tidy house can help you to feel relaxed, accomplished, stress free and this could in turn help with any mental health conditions and allow you to feel better and happier. Whereas if your house is messy or dirty this could trigger feelings of anxiety, low mood or agitation.’

Kitchen curtain ideas

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Can a messy house affect mood?