How To Decorate With Fruit At Home

According to Tru-Cape, fruit décor is on the rise due to a harkening back to pastoral times. “We’re seeing plants and fruit taking center stage in interiors, clothing, art, and décor styling. We see it as a growing appreciation of the simple things and nature’s goodness,” furniture designer Haldane Martin shared. “Using a bowl full of inviting fruit or simply seasonal vegetation scattered organically … emphasizes a welcoming feeling of homeliness and communion. It’s also a more eco-conscious way of living as the family consumes the fruit rather than disposes of dead flower arrangements. “

Apple and pear fruit bowls are popular because both could be left out to ripen properly. For those who favor the fall months, apples provide a crisp-smelling aroma that’s perfect for the season. Check out home and candle shops to find fruit scented room sprays and fruit scented reed diffusers. Or you can go the homemade natural route by boiling a pot filled with water and citrus fruit slices to freshen the home.

Professional interior designers favor the fruit aesthetic because it reminds them of their childhoods when mothers would place bowls filled with succulent fruits on countertop spaces. Though fruit home designs have been popularized since the 1970s, people have moved away from using obviously fake-looking fruits by returning to nature. For showing or eating, fruit could be constructed to look as fabulous as a flower bouquet with an abundance of colors and assorted shapes. A minimalist white plate or a metal tray would look equally exquisite, containing fruits of all kinds and colors.