Kim Kardashian buys Cindy Crawford’s former Malibu mansion for $70.4m

Kim Kardashian has recently purchased Cindy Crawford’s Malibu mansion in the most expensive house sale in Malibu so far this year. The property, originally listed for $99 million, sold for $70.4 million and boasts 7,450 square feet.

The mansion is undoubtedly one of the world’s best homes with private beach access, tennis courts, and sprawling decks with ocean views making up just a few of the several world-class amenities her family will now enjoy.

Here, we take a look around the Malibu mansion.

Malibu Mansion decking area with ocean views

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

The property contains an ideal four bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms to accommodate Kim’s children.

The master bedroom is one to impress, however. Boasting two spa-like master bathroom ideas, the space is one that oozes relaxed luxury – perfect for housing the mogul’s extravagant beauty and fragrance collections.

Malibu Mansion spiral staircase with luxury hanging light

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

The home’s interior architecture continues to impress with its staircase ideas. Far from standard, the Malibu home transitions from first to second floor via an eccentric spiral staircase situated beneath a grand chandelier and original wood beams.

Malibu Mansion living room with panoramic ocean views

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

The open-plan living room ideas are no less impressive. With floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass doors opening up the space to an exterior deck there is little to not love about the relaxed family space.

Malibu Mansion open plan dining room with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors leading to deck

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

The mansion’s dining room ideas continue the motif of open space, with similarly expansive sliding glass doors merging the indoor space with an exterior seating area, again with uninterrupted 180 degree views of the ocean.

Malibu Mansion pool with fireplace under a cabana

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

The pool and the exterior decks are just some of the many luxury amenities on the property. The pool ideas are relatively humble, however, backyard fire pits sit around the exterior space, one located beneath the shelter of the poolside cabana allowing for cozy, cool nights near the water.

The gardens and pool also benefit from tall, towering trees, protecting the family from public eyes and offering a degree of privacy.

Malibu Mansion tennis courts surrounded by trees

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

Keeping up with the Kardashians’ active lifestyle, the home also boasts tree-lined tennis courts and private home gym ideas with vaulted ceilings for the exercise-minded celebrity.

Malibu Mansion decking area leading to private beach

(Image credit: Adrian Anz, Courtesy Coldwell Banker via

Situated one hour outside of the bustling Beverly Hills and Bel Air, the home is a short drive away from paradise Cove Beach Café and has private access to the beach itself.