How to design a small kitchen to make it look wider and visually attractive

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Designing a small type house will not be as comfortable as a large type house, especially when decorating the kitchen area which also has a very small size and tends to be narrow. Various strenuous activities in the kitchen area can be very limited due to the unavailability of adequate space.

Some may opt for an instant solution, such as completely eliminating the functionality of this area. They then turn to fast food that can be ordered at any time. Or in some situations, prefer to pay extra by ordering food from outside or even going out to eat.

Eits, don’t be pessimistic yet. Launching amazinghomedec or, a small kitchen can actually be designed and decorated to have more maximum function without losing the aesthetics. Small kitchens can actually have a visually appealing appearance.

Here’s how to design a small kitchen to make it look wider, visually appealing, as well as functional.

U-Shaped Layout Concept

For the size of a small, square kitchen, use a U-Shaped Layout or a U-shaped layout.

Also use a choice of white paint colors to make it look brighter, as well as wood roofing materials, and install a functional storage rack.

In this way, a small kitchen can be very functional with its elegant and stylish appearance.

The dividing wall between the kitchen and other rooms

Remember, to make a small kitchen look wider, it’s better if the dividing wall between this area and other rooms should be removed. The concept of open space or an open floor can provide flexibility.

The concept of living, dining, kitchen is perfect for small houses.

Paint Color Options

The dominance of white, or the choice of neutral colors, can give the impression of a wider room.

Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets in the kitchen area can make a very significant difference.

Natural Lighting

Kitchen lighting installation is very important and must be a top priority. Try to get the maximum exposure of sunlight or sunlight to this area during the day. Natural lighting can help a small kitchen get out of a stuffy atmosphere.

Keep It Clean

The dirty kitchen area is certainly the main cause of the loss of the overall comfort of the house.

Keep the small kitchen clean, tidy and very well organized.

Hidden Storage

The storage installation is especially useful for small kitchen areas. Especially with a hidden concept so that this area will always look minimalist, neat and clean.

Beautify with Plants

This is the last easy way to try when decorating a small kitchen.

Beautify the kitchen with indoor plants that can provide a fresh and calming atmosphere. Some types of plants are not even just decorative elements, but have certain functions and positive effects.

So, those are some easy ways to design and decorate a small kitchen to make it look wider and visually attractive. Size is never an issue. Design is key.

Have other tricks and easy ways to make a small kitchen look more spacious?